So this is our new site and there’s such a lot to tell. I suppose the obvious is that we’ve started this venture, and we are beginning to get a little excited.

Essentially, yes we are an agency to supply ACPs to other trusts but for me it’s more then that. I hope that ADPRAC can use this springboard to re-define what advanced practitioners can do and show other trusts that non-medical practitioners can achieve in terms of stabilising work forces and improving quality.

It’s been a mission up to this point: I suppose Greg and I thought we could ride into town, tie up our horses and just start working. Surprisingly, that’s not the case. We have received massive amounts of support and help already, from this wondrous website courtesy of Rob & Richard, Lee Kershaw’s logo design, to Nick, on teaching us how to run a business.

I believe this is the time for true advance practice to blossom, I will use this area of the website to keep people abreast of what we are doing, and what’s happening nationally regarding advanced practice. Remember, if you are an ACP or ANP/ENP who wants to come on a journey with us contact us for applications packs. I’m passionate that ADPRAC must remain true, and reward credible advanced practitioners with the wages and conditions they deserve…

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